The school


For many years the old school in Vlahi village was abandoned and in a state of neglect. Today it has been brought back to life by helpful volunteer hands using traditional building methods. Interior walls of clay brick have been based on the old stone foundations and the roof repaired.

Particular attention has been paid to using ecological building materials and techniques. Walls of clay bricks, handmade in molds with clay dug from the surrounding area, internal partitions and knitted sealing clay, covered with white gypsum plaster. Solar panels on the roof cover some of the School’s energy needs.

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Today the building has two complete floors, it is using local heating system and is equipped to accommodate small and middle sized groups.
The first floor has:
– dinning room and kitchenette (25 people)
– office
– seminar room (20 people), equipped with multimedia and screen
On the second floor there are:
– bedroom (14 beds)
– living-room (also suitable for extra sleeping accommodation)
– library
– bathroom and toilet
In the yard there are:
– two compost toilets
– two solar showers

room2    Vlahi seminar hall


The garden is an integral part of the School. It includes free grass spaces, an orchard and vegetable garden, a herb spiral, flower bed and greenhouse. An irrigation system uses harvested rainwater harvesting via drip irrigation to keep the garden green alive. In the garden we also have an oven, open fireplace, compost and small pond.

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The most part of the job on the building and the spaces around was completed by volunteers from different countries during the volunteer work camps or working weekends. A lot has been done but further improvements are planned.

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Thus our School is not just a building but a process. A process during which it grows and so do we – its friends, volunteers and guests!


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