Volunteers recommend how to be better in volunteering projects for nature conservation

We present you recommendations on how to improve the implementation of nature protection projects involving volunteers. The pieces of advice came from volunteers that participated in the Mountain spirit – Strategic EVS for Nature Conservation.


Participants in Mountain spirit seminar that took place from May 24th until May 30th in Vlahi Nature School compiled the recommendations. The seminar gathered representatives of organizations that work for nature protection, previous and current volunteers in environmental projects within Mountain spirit activities and not only.

They summarized their recommendation about improving the 3R process – recruitment, retaining and recognition of volunteer work in the context of nature conservation activities. Moreover, the seminar participants created theprofile of the “ideal volunteer” for an environmental initiative.

The recommendations were shared with project partners and other volunteers that took part in Mountain spirit activities. With their feedback and a final disuscussion, the collection was included in a publication where you can find information about the project, the partners and the seminar.

The publications aims to support organizations working with volunteers as well as young people who search for the volunteer project. Last but not least, the recommendations will be interesting for anyone who wants to include volunteers for working for the environment.

Great thanks to Izabela Markova for the design!

Enjoy reading the recommendations!

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