Volunteer Workcamps

Volunteer workcamps are short-term projects (usually two weeks) during which volunteers from different countries live and work together, helping a cause important for the local society. Volunteer workcamps have been organized since 1920 within the branch system of the international organization Service Civil International (SCI). Every year there are more than 800 volunteer workcamps around the world. The volunteers choose the workcamp which they would like to take part in and apply online. More information you can find on the website of your local branch.

Every year Vlahi Nature School organizes one or few summer volunteer workcamps for Bulgarian and international volunteers. During workcamps in Vlahi they learn new things about Bulgaria, the different countries they all come from and their traditions, peace and peace keeping. Main focus in each workcamp is placed on the knowledge participants acquire about nature – how to live in harmony with it and between themselves. Follow our Upcoming events page and join one of these amazing projects!


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