Vlahi Nature School needs a car

Vlahi Nature School urgently needs a car – one that can be used for the dirt roads around and in the winter when the road to Vlahi is covered with snow.

So far we were using 25 years old Volkswagen Passat which was donated to the school. However, it is dying now and it is time to bring to the junkyard.

The vehicle is essential for running our activities. We used it to transport volunteers, to bring food, materials, tools, etc. Last but not least, Dimitar and the long-term volunteers staying at Vlahi Nature School need to have a way to go to Kresna and back.

We would like to buy an offroad vehicle (SUV). For that we need 5000 BGN (2500 EUR) – to buy a second-hand car and to cover the expenses for the registration and first taxes.

We will appreciate any kind of financial donations!

Here is our bank account:

Foundation Vlahi Nature School
Procredit Bank;
IBAN: BG74PRCB92301031740920

PayPal account: natureschool@vlahi.org 

For everyone who donates:

  • 20 BGN (10 Euro, 10 USD, 10 GBP) – you are welcome to enjoy free weekend in Vlahi
  • 50 BGN (25 Euro, 25 USD, 25 GBP) – you are welcome to enjoy free long weekend in Vlahi and a gift – a jar of our school made delicious lyutenitsa.
  • 100 BGN (50 Euro, 50 USD, 50 GBP) – you are welcome to enjoy 5 free days in Vlahi

You can follow how the crowdfunding is going here and on our facebook page.

Thank you for your support!

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