About us

Going forward with nature!

Our vision:
Nature – our teacher, friend and home!

Our mission:
Vlahi Nature School opens door to little, older and grown ups to learn and gain experiences in harmony with nature.

Vlahi Nature School is concerned with environmental and social projects with students and young people. It is a long-term initiative with the goal of establishing a working model for applied environmental education. Its purpose is to spread this idea and to motivate young people to participate in activities for learning about the environment. To achieve this objective Vlahi Nature School aims to organize short term visits of students from schools from the region of Blagoevgrad and the country, families with children, students, researchers and other visitors to meet nature and culture, customs and traditions of the local people.

Incorporating environmental education, voluntary work for the conservation of nature and knowledge of local culture and customs, the project provides an opportunity to actively participate in preserving the local heritage.

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Our work

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