Our work

Vlahi Nature School is founded to educate children, school students and adults how to live close to nature, to use its resources sustainably and to preserve it for the next generations. Our mission is to open doors for people from all ages and to create a suitable atmosphere for experiences in harmony with nature. In order to reach its main goal, the foundation commits to the following activities, incorporated it its main founding document:

– Developing, applying and demonstrating sustainable nature smart practices;
– Developing and applying programs and products for ecological and nature smart education, as well as education for sustainable development;
– Organizing activities for ecological and nature smart education and raising social awareness for environmental protection;
– Organizing and implementing of green schools and other forms of ecological, village and sustainable tourism;
– Developing and assessing nature smart and educational projects and programs, as well as projects and programs for sustainable and regional development;
– Organizing and implementing trainings in Bulgaria and abroad;
– Demonstration producing of bio products and promoting its use;
– Supporting and promoting local and regional bio product producers including local breeds and varieties;
– Consulting in the sphere of the environmental protection;
– Other activities, in conformity with law and according to the aims of the foundationИ.

Vlahi Nature School Annual Reports

Annual Report 2010

Annual Report 2011




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