Vlahi Nature School is built up by caring volunteer hands, with a lot of care for nature and the traditions, drowsing under the dust of your hectic modern daily routine. A step back towards nature is actually a step forward in the future, developed on the basis of sustainable lifestyle principles in harmony with nature.

Sometimes the first touch with The School is virtual: you learn from friends about this incredible place in Pirin mountain, sometimes even from friends abroad, who have helped to build the foundations, to dry the bricks, to re-build the fence, to build the oven, solar showers and compost toilets. The next step is to look at the photos with curiosity and to get to know in detail your way to the village and your way to contributing to the project – to be useful and the same time to enjoy the clean mountain air, real food and fragrant tea, the chilly evenings around the fire.

Every volunteer who has passed through The School – short-term or long-term- leaves a trace and becomes a hero in this never-ending mountain fairytale:

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